Volunteer @ the Doghouse

It takes a community!

Come work with the Doghouse and help behind the scenes! We're looking for folks to help with opening & closing (audio, speakers, chairs/tables, etc.), door check-in, class registration, and more.

We hope you'll join us to help make the Doghouse a fantastically fun and inclusive place to dance Lindy Hop!

Volunteer with the Doghouse

We truly appreciate our volunteers - so we give you awesome benefits for helping out! You can get free dance admission and free classes by helping our and earning “points”:

The Doghouse will offer 6-week class series. Use your points to get a discount on or even FREE classes.

A full series will be 12 points. If you commit to 1 hour each week, you’ll get 50% off your class series! If you commit to closing each week, your classes will be FREE 🤩