Who/what is the new Doghouse?

The Doghouse is a weekly social dance/lessons event hosted by
Two Dogs Barking, Inc. a US-based 501(c)3 non-profit organization.


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Two Dogs Barking Inc.

Two Dogs Barking Inc. is a nonprofit organization (501c3 EIN 93-4923547) whose mission is to nurture and grow the swing scene in the Bay Area by providing educational information, opportunities, and experiences for social dance, with a focus on jazz-based Lindy Hop swing dance.

We will promote inclusivity, diversity, sharing and community through dance, and carry on the legacy of Frankie Manning and the original Lindy Hoppers while celebrating the roots of African-American dance and classic jazz music.

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Chad Kubo

Ali Shamsi

Who is Chad Kubo?

I started ballroom dancing in 1993. I started Lindy Hopping in 1994 after seeing a video of Frankie Manning Lindy Hopping on a TV documentary. After watching that documentary I sought out Frankie Manning (one of the original Lindy Hoppers from the 1930’s) to learn Lindy Hop. 

My journey took me to Seattle, Sweden. Japan and across the U.S. to dance and instruct Lindy Hop.

I have been in the Bay Area dancing swing and Lindy Hop since its very start, when there were only a handful of beginning Lindy Hoppers. I danced socially 7 days a week 4-5 hours a night for years just to get proficient in this dance. 

My ultimate goal was to have others to dance with and build a self-sustaining community of friends and dancers. I wanted to share the joy of this dance (that ultimately changed my life), free of rivalries and in-fighting of other Lindy Hop communities In other cities. I slowly influenced dancers from Street Swing, East Coast Swing into Lindy Hop by dancing with everyone I met from clubs, bars, ballrooms and venues.

My goal is to continue to nurture and grow the swing scene in the Bay Area to be self perpetuating for generations to come. I promote inclusivity, diversity, sharing and community through dance. I want to carry on Frankie Manning and the original Lindy Hoppers legacy and the roots of African-American dance and classic jazz music.

Who is Ali Shamsi?

I started dancing, “street swing” style, in 1997 at 330 Ritch in San Francisco. Shortly after, I have a visceral memory of seeing Chad, Geraly and company at a Cafe du Nord event - my jaw dropped at this amazing, brand new (to me) style of dance! This was my first exposure to Lindy Hop, after which I quickly sought to learn the dance via Metronome, Paul & Sharon and others - many classes and so many/many workshops!

After a hiatus from dance (work/family/kids) during which we danced a mere couple of times a year, I rediscovered my love of Lindy a couple of years ago. I was terribly saddened, as I’m sure were many of you, to learn about the post-COVID demise of the 9:20 Special. The 9:20 was a venerable SF dance institution, running strong since 1998!

Long story short, Chad and I had some discussions and ultimately decided to revive the event .. not only to have a beautiful space and fantastic floor to host this wonderful dance, but to have another space in the city to retain and spread “San Francisco-style” Lindy Hop.

Although this will be my first experience with managing a regular social dance event, I have a background in operations & resource planning/coordination through both work (IT support, operations & governance) and community experience (weekly board game nights for local community).

I’m excited to help bring back this special Thursday night series of swing dance lessons & social dance for the SF community!