Background information & bios of our teachers at The Doghouse

Chad Kubo

Chad is a Lindy Hop specialist who teaches workshops, classes, privates and group privates in SF and the Bay Area. Chad continues to evolve a unique system of teaching which combines his life experiences with martial arts, illustration, graphic design, music and performing professionally. 

"I have finally evolved a comprehensive framework (method) of learning dance as a physical expression of a philosophy that can apply to ways of living and building community."

Calvin & Rebecca

Calvin and Rebecca are known for their dynamic, improvisational dancing and that’s what they will be bringing to the Doghouse with an exclusive 6 week specialty class called Our Favorite Things

This class, for Intermediate and above dancers, will cover some of their favorite dance floor moves as well as styling variations for followers, incorporating Jazz Steps and exploring creative ways to unlock improvisation potential. If you’ve been looking for ways to stretch your dancing, this is the class for you!

Charlie & David

After dedicating his life to traveling the world to teach Lindy Hop and Blues partner dancing for over a decade, dancing paid David back with finding him the love of his life, Charlie.

Charlie herself was already well established as a modern and hip hop dancer, trained musician and yoga instructor, and she fell in love with both Dave and partner dancing upon meeting.

They have combined forces, taking Dave's thorough understanding of connection, momentum and musicality in partner dancing and Charlie's exquisite understanding of movement, music and anatomy. This synergy of their perspectives on movement has created an entirely new level of understanding of the dance that they share with their students.

Dave's sense of humor and Charlie's warmth create a playful environment which will not only engage their students but also help them connect with the material on a deeper level.