Register for Classes

If you already have a Doghouse DSP portal account,
click here to register for classes

Otherwise, below are instructions to register for
classes and/or purchase advance tickets to the social dance.

Problems/Questions? Please post your questions to the #support channel on Discord.

Are you a student? Email us at for details on student discounts.

Step 1: Create your account at the Doghouse dance portal (DSP)

1. Access the registration portal at

2. Select First time here? > Create Account

3. Enter your account details (email, password, name, contact info)

4. Select I TAKE CLASSES (important!)

5. Read and accept the waiver, then select SAVE ACCOUNT & LOGIN.

6. Complete registration by entering your name & signature.

Step 2: Register for class(es) and/or the Social Dance

1. Access the web registration portal and log on with your DSP portal credentials (as created above) and you'll see your dance class dashboard; from here you can then...

2. To sign up for a new class, select REGISTER > CLASSES

3. In the list of available classes, select the correct "season"

You don't need to purchase dance tickets if you're registering for a class; entry to the social dance is included.

4. From the list of available classes, select the class(es) for which you'd like to sign up then click SUBMIT.

5. On the Finish Registration page, select MAKE PAYMENT

6. Complete the payment process by entering your credit card details & selecting PAY NOW

7. Upon completion, you'll see the message: "Payment Applied"

From your DSP portal, you can...