Weekly Thursday Night Dance

Join us Thursdays at The Doghouse© for social dance & swing dance classes!

Admission to the social dance:

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New to dancing?

The Doghouse is pleased to offer complimentary* beginning swing dance lessons with at our social dances in May!

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The Doghouse returns!

One of San Francisco's oldest swing dance icons is now its newest as the 9:20 Special is revived as The Doghouse ©!

We are bringing back classic old & new school Lindy Hop, classes, social dance, and music to the Russian Center on Thursday nights in early 2024!

We'll bring you the best DJ’s, music, and teachers. In addition to Lindy Hop, we plan to feature blues, balboa, and shag ... perhaps even Motown nights!

We will be offering a revolutionary 3D system of learning Lindy Hop that eliminates step lists and arm leading.

Finally, we plan to open earlier, so everyone will have a chance to dance!


What are we doing?

We are bringing Lindy Hop back to The Russian Center (2450 Sutter St in San Francisco) on Thursday nights!

We’ll have all the things you want at this exciting social, from classes with great instructors to premiere DJs and special showcases. Best of all, you’ll get to meet up and dance with friends - both old and new -  on some of the smoothest floors in the West. We’re calling the event The Doghouse, and the basic template for it is the revered 920 Special.

The Doghouse is organized by Two Dogs Barking Inc, a 501(c)3 nonprofit; our goals include: